Technical support

It means the pump has not enough power to spin correctly and this can be mainly due to 4 factors in our chance:

  • Verify on Waver that the latest Firmware /Software version has been correctly installed.
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  • There's friction/interference between bearings and rotor. The operation to do is to pull up the rotor (by maintaining it in its housing) and to move it backward using quite strength with hands. Then repeat the same operation after having rotated it half a turn (180°) and after this operation it will be completely free to move up and down without "scratching". After this operation, please let the pump go at 100% (or without Waver) possibly at least for 4-6 hours. This should settle definitely the bearings. -> Watch the following video
Manual Rotor Alignment


  • The blade edge of the propeller is accidenatally ruined (stones, pieces of rock, ..) 
Propeller Blade Edge
Use sandpaper (grit 180 ÷ 320) on propeller blade edges and remove any eventual imperfection. -> Watch the following video
Remove Propeller Blade Imperfection


  • Front chamber is removed. Put front chamber on. Never use the pump without front chamber.

You can use the protection grid on all M models but you can't use the protection grid on the MX Models with Waver.