The real measure of the line cord is the same for all Mover models and it's 2m (6ft) long

They are supplied together with Mover MX13400 (MX3500) and MX15200 (MX4100) models and they should be added on the internal magnetic support, in case of glasses / acrylic panes under to 17mm (.67in) thick, to increase the VAS effectiveness and keep the product very quiet.

O Ring 01


O Ring

You could apply the fish protection grid with programmable timers for ON/off cycles.

If the pump is operated 24/7, it is strongly recommended to not apply the protection grid, so you can enjoy of maximum performances, without any flow reduction.

Rossmont   Mover M Series   Spare Part   05 250x250

IMPORTANT: do not apply the protection grid on Mover MX Models if powered by Waver.

Apply the protection grid by aligning it to the front chamber (watch the images below). 

Position Protection Grid M Models   Position Protection Grid MX Model

Normally a wider flow (without concetrator nozzle) is better because is softer and more diffused.

You could apply the concentrator nozzle into long tanks but especially with corals bed tanks. In this way you can focus the water movement without annoying the nearby corals.

Rossmont   Mover M Series   Spare Part   02 250x250