Use and maintenance

Especially with a tank with more pumps, we can give the following tips:

  • place the pumps at least 10cm (4in) below water surface
  • keep a distance of at least 5cm (2in) from the adjacent panes, so that the system won't enter in resonance
  • orient pumps in opposite directions so that the generated currents will close themselves like a "circle/ring"
  • possibly, keep the flow cone of the pump free from stones or anything else
  • maintain enough distance from the bottom, especially if made with sand. In this manner, the pump doesn't move excessively the sand thus avoiding small grains entering inside the pump accidentally and deteriorating it abnormally.

Once you've taken out the pump from your aquarium, it's enough to remove the front chamber and the rotor assy and to put them in a small recipient with water and a concentrate of lemon juice or vinegar for about half an hour, so that the dirt deposits will be easier to remove.

After this period, just pass the brush (included in the box) over parts, especially on the front chamber openings and on the bottom of the rotor chamber then rinse everything under tap water.


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 Mover Guide

Mover M comes with a magnetic support suitable up to 15mm (.60in) thick panes.

Mover MX comes with a magnetic support suitable up to 19mm (3/4in) thick panes.

There are optional accessories of the external magnetic support both for panes up to 19mm (3/4in) or up to 25mm (1in) thick available.

Rossmont   Mover M Series   Spare Part   09 250x250

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Mover is designed for a continuous operation 24/7 so it's not required to switch it off. However it's compatible with any timer for on/off cycles (e.g.) to simulate marea effect.

As indicated on the package, Mover M models can resist to on/off cycles starting from 1 minute on while Mover MX models can resist to cycles starting from 5 minutes on. 

Anyway, the less on/off cycles the pumps do, the longer is their rotor lifetime.

IMPORTANT: rotor is not included in warranty.

In case you want to get natural waves effects, we strongly recommend to connect your Mover to Waver controller which is specifically designed for this purpose.

Yes of course and this is the best condition to use a Mover and to get its maximum performance.

With Waver the flow can be downrated from 100% to 30% of its nominal value.

No, we strongly recommend you to operate the pump only when the water reaches the right density and there are no visible salt particles in suspension.

WARNING: Do not use the pump for other than its use in aquarium. The deterioration of the parts or damages on the motor caused by improper use are excluded by our warranty.

Mover pumps are suitable for corner tanks too, because you can orientate the flow so that the generated currents will close themselves in a "circle" without creating vortex.

We suggest you to place the pumps near the corner, so the flow can take advantage by the natural curve of the tank (see image below).

Mover Corner Tank