Use and maintenance

The product doesn’t require any particular maintenance but it’s important to keep surfaces clean especially from humidity or dust deposits which could influence the correct operation of the capacitive touch button.
To keep the surfaces clean, it’s enough to pass a soft dry cloth. We recommend to use soft tissues. 

Do not use any kind of solvent or abrasive paper!

Yes, pay attention to not select a different model than the one actually plugged-in and to not reverse channels especially in case of maintenance.

No, Waver is compatible with Rossmont products only. The damage caused by connection of other-brand devices are not covered by our warranty.

No, it's not possible. Waver is designed to control one device per channel. The damage caused by connection of more products on same extension socket is excluded from warranty.

We suggest you to insert the two Waver units into a home lan network and to assign a different IP address each.

E.g. :

  • Waver 1 ->
  • Waver 2 ->


When the Waver Slave will be available, it will be possible to turn one of the 2 master units into a Slave and then control both by 1 interface.  

Watch the video tutorials: insert Waver into a WLAN and customize IP address  


Insert Waver Into A LAN Waver IP Address


Included in the box, we supply 2 super-adhesive velcro stips to help users in Waver placement on the tank glass, inside cabinet or wherever you prefer.

NOTE: The device can't be operated at a room temperature higher than 35°C / 95F.

Velcro Strips

It’s recommended to clean the surface where the velcro strip is sticked, especially from humidity or dust deposits.

The perfect adhesion takes approx 72 hours.

The power cord length is 1.5m (5ft) and it plugs directly into the wall outlet without the need of any adaptor. Channels extension cables are 0.5m (1.8ft) long.

No, it's not necessary. Just Tap & hold the capacitive touch button for 6 second. It interrupts the output current on channels without shutting down the whole unit (conceived for pumps maintenance). While this function is active it’s possible to unplug the connected devices from the extension cables.

To exit from this mode Tap & hold again the capacitive button for 1 second. 


Watch the video tutorial


Capacitive Touch Button




No, it's not necessary. Tap & hold the capacitive touch button for 2 second. It brings all the connected pumps at minimum power for the feeding operation (fish food). By default, this mode lasts for 5 minutes then the unit automatically continues to follow the program. To manually exit this mode, tap & hold the capacitive button for 1 second.

Alternatively you can log into the web interface and in the main screen press " MANUAL FISH FOOD"
Manual Fish Food
Or you can apply a Fish Food preset.

Watch the video tutorial 


Capacitive Touch Button


Apply a "Fish Food" Preset at same times of external automatic feeder.

OFF   White

In case you need to completely switch off pumps, you can either apply an "Off" Preset.

Fish protection grid* is recommended in this case.


*FISH PROTECTION GRID is not compatible with Mover MX models if powered by Waver.