Mover MX13400

AC controllable stream pump
Flow rate: 13400 L/h
Rated voltage: 230VAC - 50Hz
Power absorbed: 20W
Cord length: 2m
Magnetic support for glasses up to 19m (0.75in) thick

Included in the box, in addition to the pump, as standard equipment we supply:
- Concentrator nozzle MX
- Protection grid MX
- Cleaning brush
- Multilingual instruction booklet
Rossmont Mover MXRossmont Mover MX
Sales price 129,90 €
Rossmont Mover MX
Concentrator nozzle MX
Protection grid MX


M Series specifies a range of stream pumps for marine and freshwater aquarium with same dimensions but different performances.

The range is divided in 8 models: 

M3400 L/h - 5W

M4600 L/h - 8W

M5800 L/h - 10W

M7200 L/h - 15W

MX9800 L/h - 16W

MX11600 L/h - 18W

MX13400 L/h - 20W

MX15200 L/h - 24W


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  • Wide and turbulent flow with an action cone of about 120°
  • Concentrable to about 60° with the concentrator nozzle included
  • Studied especially to recreate the effect of the natural marine currents on barrier reef

Timer CompatibleGRID

  • Compatible also for the application with programmable timers for ON/off cycles
  • Min ON/off cycles starting from 1 minute on M models and 5 minutes on MX models
  • NOTE: recommended ON/off cycles 15-30 min
  • Protection grid (included) for application when the pump is switched off


  • 2m (6ft) long cable
  • M models: magnetic support for glass/acrylic panes up to 15mm (.59'') thick*
  • MX models: magnetic support for glass/acrylic panes up to 19mm (.75'') thick*
  • 3D rotation with only one hand

         *Available also the optional magnetic support for glasses up to 19mm and 25mm thick


  • Innovative axial rotor with high efficient propeller
  • Very low energy consumption
  • => Very low heat transmission in aquarium


  • VAS technology (Vibration Absorbing System)
  • Quiet operation

Maintenance and Warranty


  • ACS technology (Auto Cleaning System)
  • Internal parts auto lubrication
  • Very low maintenance frequency
  • Designed for 24/7 operation
  • Cleaning brush (included) to be soaked in vinegar or lemon juice for best maintenance result
  • Reach also the smallest openings
 3 YEARS  
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Serial Number for full product trace
  • 36 months extended warranty


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